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Created21.10.2012 04:16

Camy Ruggiero (Unknown) 21.10.2012 04:19
I know this is not the proper place to post this but I have no idea how to contact someone at Giants for this problem.

Every time I try to log into this site I have to create a new account (am now on my 3rd). For some reason the site won't take previous User ID and Password and I have to find yet another email address and create a new ID/Password.

Can someone please tell me why this is happening and how I can fix it? I don't lot in here very often and maybe that's the reason? Not really sure but I now have 3 spearate IDs/Passwords and only the latest new one I just created, worked.


L Zoltan. (Unknown) 23.10.2012 21:09
I have the same exact problem that you have the 2-k registration could only enter.


Zippy Blackwood (Unknown) 26.12.2019 17:52
Every time I try to log into this site I have to reset my password because the old one won't work and i can't find anyplace in my profile to customize my password

M. Klomp (marn20) 26.05.2021 07:51
Same problem here @zippy. And it’s already 2021! Giants please make a function to let users change their password to something they can choose themselves, now we have to use the computer generated password that seems very short and unsafe.

614n75_d3v_m 01.06.2021 18:12
You are right, changing (or specifying when registering) the password would be really nice to have. (In my opinion they are too insecure!) And, in addition I would create this website completely different. I'm learning web-programming, and the styling of this site isn't looking good. And searching could be optimized.

Unfortunately, it looks like Giants isn't updating GDN, and therefore the files for their beginner tutorials for GE aren't available any more and other things are just being left on their own, like the styling. That is really sad.

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