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new foliage with 4 grothstates

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Created30.10.2012 15:27

Michael Dirkmann (_pAre) 30.10.2012 15:35

for a new Map i want to use some new foliage for grass. they should have 4 grothstates like the wheat in LS 11. So make the with the layout from the ls11 wheat (4 slots). but i can not find an option that the new shader takes the 4 grothstates like it was in ls11. in ls13 they have only 4 slotes and the first slot is splittet for 2 grothstates.

is there an opinion to make a foliage with 4 grothstates? and how ist the layout?

also i did not exactly know what these therms mean:
-texCoords=";0 0 1 0.25;0 0.25 1 0.25;0 0.5 1 0.5"
-growthNumStates="8" <---- i thought this was the grothstates but why ist it 8 when wheat has only 5 grothstates?


Michael Dirkmann (_pAre) 31.10.2012 18:03
This is what i found out with experimentation:


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