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Exporting whole terrain to OBJ

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Created01.11.2012 00:01

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 01.11.2012 00:11
Ok, I want to make my own road network. And the easiest way I see is to export terrain as .OBJ. But when I do so only a portion of the whole shows. Is is even possible to export the whole terrain?

Michael Magnus (Unknown) 09.11.2012 18:37
Make sure you can see all the terrain in the Editor. Just zoom all the way out before exporting.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 12.11.2012 02:11
I swear I tried that, guess I will try for sure :)

Mike Peschke (Mike_77) 19.11.2012 22:47
Where do you import the obj file? Dont forgt to set up the clipping distance in your 3D Editor. (does the trick for me ;) )

Tom-eirik Trogstad (Unknown) 26.11.2012 01:26
In preferences, see the option for save and export as Wavefront OBJ. Uncheck frustum Culled, and check Only Terrain.

L Zoltan. (Unknown) 06.02.2013 09:07
The geological conditions, such as hills, mountains that I know to do it so I can mapba a new plant, river bed sand edit etc? Or even mapból X Y mapba to make the surface topography? I'm sorry but I can google translator to write in English so I apologize for the weird írásért. I can unfortunately only in Hungarian. : (

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