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Created19.11.2012 01:25

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 19.11.2012 01:31
I am trying to get rid of the grass in places, and have grass in other places. I am not sure what I'm doing with the Texture Editor in GE. How do remove the grass foliage in GE, and how to add it? I can get rid of the grass when I'm playing the game, but when I want to create my own map, I don't know how to add, replace, or get rid of it. I've been working with the grass only, so I'm sure I'll have the same problem if I want to add or remove the other types, i.e., wheat, barley, etc. If it has something to do with layers or channels, then I have no idea what to do. Can someone show an example or examples for me?....thanks RL

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 23.11.2012 09:06
I figured it out after watching the Modding Tutorial, which I purchased. RLD

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