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Giants editor 4.1.9 error

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Created28.11.2012 21:27

Wilhelm Lindroth (Unknown) 28.11.2012 21:30

I have downloaded GE 4.1.9 and just started it, and then I got this error: (copy and paste link to see the image)

Do anyone have a solution for this?
The folder AppData dosen't even exist and I can't create a new one, as my computer says: folder allready exist, do you want to put them together?

I running a windows 7 64 bit system, and I can't find 64 bit version of GE so I tryed to run 32 bit version, maybe thats the problem?

Tobias Frankengamer (Frankengamer) 01.12.2012 20:47
Dou you try a reinstall? (glenn52) 03.12.2012 05:43
Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" in Explorer folder options to see AppData.
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 4.1.x holds a shader cache folder, an editor setup file (*.xml) and an editor log file (*.txt). Check the log file for error messages.
Here, Win7 x64 runs quite fine with all GE versions to the latest.

Isaac Leite (Unknown) 28.01.2013 00:58
im having the same issue with 5.0.1 version it was working fine before but now im getting that error and nothing seems to work ive reinstalled several times and still nothing im running windows 7 64bit

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