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GE 5.0.1 i3D File getting bigger on each save

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Created02.12.2012 16:33

Michael Url (Unknown) 02.12.2012 16:38

I encountered the following problem: With each save of my map the i3D File gets bigger. It only happnens when I start the Giants Editor (5.0.1), load my map and then save. If I save a second time with GE still open, it doesn't do that.

It's not a big problem with file sizes about 50000 kb, it only jumps to lets say 50020 kb - but my map now has 90000 kb, and when I save it, it jumps to 120000 kb. Of course, once it gets to 200000 kb, the editor wont load the map (or it takes ages).

I'm not changing anything on the map between those saves. So, is this a bug with the editor? My specs: Win 7 64bit SP1.

thanks, sincerely,

Michael Url (Unknown) 02.12.2012 19:00
Hello again,

A few hours later and I found the bug. If an Object has something like that in it:

Material name="Fußbaoden"

on saving then GE repeats the special characters in the i3d File - and that exponentially. That is: After the first save you get 4 characters, then 8, then can imagine where that goes after a few saves (it was 460 pages of special characters in my i3d file which I know have repaired - try to edit a 120 MB File...)

As I said, GE only behaves that way if it's started,it does not occur on subsquent saves. Is it a bug of the object or the Editor? Well, the GE should meke sure something like that can't happen. Would have saved me four hours of my sunday.

sincerely, bluey (glenn52) 03.12.2012 05:36
On first read of this, it would appear to me to be an issue with the material?
What object(s) are associated with that material?
I can't find that material in the *i3d file.

Is this your mod of the original FS map?
Are you using only stock GE objects?

Michael Url (Unknown) 05.12.2012 13:21
It was an object I d/l from a website, so no stock GE object. It's a mod of the origianl FS map, yes.

I really don't want to run any further tests on this bug, I'm happy I could save my work by editing out the tons and tons of special characters the GE created in the i3d file.

Meanwhile I notified the creator of the object and he replaced the special chars in his objects i3d file an uploaded a new version to the d/l site. Also, I double-check every new (non stock) object I import.

sincerely, blueybean

Rolf Meester (rolf15) 14.04.2013 01:08
i have this same problem file size almost doubles after save with out doing anything to the map that i am making
almost 3 months of work are useless now ,i cant seem to find whats wrong.
looked at the i3d file with notepad ++ but the number of line stays the same but the file size doubles!!!!
i dont have any strage material names or strange characters

plz help!

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