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GE not saving file section

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Created03.12.2012 17:31

John Pako (logic321) 03.12.2012 17:32
I hope maybe someone can help me on this GE error. I import a object into a map in GE V5.0.1 I have even saved map 3 different ways

1st way by clicking this icon at top of GE menu

2nd by going to file and click save

3rd by going to file and save as

but when I open my .i3d file in NP++ it hasnt put in the file paths for the textures it has the material section and the scene section. so when I try to load map it crashes and says repeated lines this

Error: Can't load resource:
Error: Can't load resource:
Error: Can't load resource:

also when i check map01.i3d in NP++ it dont show texture paths in file section or even textures

<File fileId="478" filename="" relativePath="false"/>
<File fileId="475" filename="" relativePath="false"/>
<File fileId="476" filename="" relativePath="false"/>
<File fileId="477" filename="" relativePath="false"/>
<File fileId="479" filename="" relativePath="false"/>

Why is it not saving the file section right (glenn52) 03.12.2012 23:24
Check the scripting window in GE when the object is imported, are you getting "Can't load resource" error or other error there?

John Pako (logic321) 06.12.2012 17:12
yes either way if i save as icon it saves the object path fine but then wipes out all other map texture entiries in file section and says Can't load resource which will be all the other files

and if i hit just save icon the object texture paths in file section are missing. and in log also says Can't load resource which obviously will say that as they missing, so nothing regarding the error (glenn52) 07.12.2012 13:32
"Can't load resource" error when loading the map and/or object in GE, means GE cannot access the file(s) required.

You cannot hope for GE to create the correct *.i3d file if it has not got correct access to all dependencies.

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