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Created23.07.2022 19:44

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 23.07.2022 19:44
I went through the drop-down list to create a new mod from the game, looking for the New Holland "varifeed28", and the cr980_830 (980CR 8-30), and I can't seem to find either one.
Why is there no rhyme or reason to the list, it not alphabetical, it not all list by manufacture, or by type of machinery, it a chaotic mess. It not even Windows friendly, most apps with a drop-down list you can tap the "v" key, and it will cycle down through every word beginning with the letter V. It needs a search feature added or something, I just can't believe as old as GE is, this area has never been addressed or made easier to use.
Am I looking for an item in the base-game that is just listed, or is there an easier way to create a mod from the game's vanilla machinery?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 23.07.2022 20:16
Not suprising you can't find them as they are the case terraFlex3050-28 and case header 4408 respectively with just different specs/combinations.
Se the relevant xml's in data/vehicles/newHolland.

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