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Texture not transparent

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Created08.08.2022 12:36

John Stricker (jstricker) 08.08.2022 12:36
OK, I'm new to this modding stuff, but I've been doing my homework with tutorials, videos, reading the forum, and so on. I decided to try to do a very light mod by putting a logo on a door. I did it by creating a new plane, adding the logo as a texture, placing, etc. Basically I followed the instructions from the video from Kederk Farms. Everything went well, logos are place and look good in GE with a transparent background. Save everything and go in game where the logo is not on a transparent background, it's white. Any ideas where I went wrong or what to look for? As I said, I have the logo on the ingame vehicle, the background just isn't transparent, while it is in GE. This is for FS19, btw, with GE 8.2.2. Thanks

Kevin Day (blame582) 01.09.2022 09:21
make sure your image is using the correct .dds format dxt5 supports alpha dxt1 doesnt support alpha not sure about dxt3

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