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Created24.05.2013 22:25

Jonathan Kessel (Josel) 24.05.2013 22:29

My problem is that I can´t see all the parts. What can do ?

Jon Bowles (Unknown) 25.05.2013 18:08
Change the Clip Distance, of each object. The default seems to be 200( meters? feet? really not sure, but I assume from past experience, it is meters ).

The fastest, easiest way to do this is to download load and install Notepad++( free opensource ), then hit 'Ctrl+F' to open the 'Find ...' dialogue. Once that is open, click the 'Replace' tab and type: clipDistance="200" in the 'find' box, and clipDistance="10000" in the 'replace box.

The outcome may produce undesired effects! ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR PROJECT!

Jonathan Kessel (Josel) 26.05.2013 08:11

it worked !

Jon Bowles (Unknown) 26.05.2013 10:16
Glad to help! ;-)

Don't forget to change that back, when you are done. Leaving high clip distances on ALL your objects will kill your frame rates, as those will remain in view( video card will have to keep drawing them ), until the player leaves the clip distance, distance!

Jess Rohde (Unknown) 17.09.2013 17:57
hello so i have dl the latest editor,5.0.3 version and here i can not paint at all, some one know why this is happen to me, well ,,,....this is in all kind of maps....blank maps and dl maps ....the exported map from giant..well i made my you get the standard map in you the 5.0.1 all work fine....but now i can move .....object...import new stuff....and make fields...and grass...corn and that is all working...but painting roads or dirt....stone or what ever i will not....and the land...raise and lower do not work do i do wrong????

do you have to import new texture or ????

best regard Jess "joe´s farm dk"

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