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shotcut not working

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Created21.11.2022 13:35

Theo Van Schaik (teesee64) 21.11.2022 13:35
Iam woking with editor version v9.0.3.

I tried to copy the Translate X,Y and Z coordinates all three at once with CTRL+SHIFT+C But that does not work. I remember from previous versions that it worked before so why is it not working anymore? Do i need to set something? I watched map making video's on youtube where they use that shortcut in the same editor version and it work for them so why not for me?
Someone have an idea?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 21.11.2022 13:41

Theo Van Schaik (teesee64) 21.11.2022 14:18
thank you so much. It works!

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