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giants editor v 9.0.3 Crash

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Created17.12.2022 23:40

Shevshuk Sergiy (vjsergiy323) 17.12.2022 23:40
Hello everyone! I want to create my own 16x map. I wanted to take other maps for a sample of the terrain, but whatever map I open, the editor behaves inadequately, after walking 1 km or 500 meters on the map, the editor does not display the terrain and objects around normally.
In the game everything works without problems, objects are displayed, but in the editor when passing a certain part of the map objects start to disappear.

Some 8x maps also have the same problem. The technical characteristics of my station allow me to work with various 3D modeling programs without problems, so I think the problem is in the editor.

Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?

Peter Farmer (zippyo) 18.12.2022 00:33
setAudioCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16); setLightCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16); setShapeCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 64);

run this as a script in editor

Shevshuk Sergiy (vjsergiy323) 18.12.2022 09:38
Thanks, it worked without any problems. It must be a bug in the editor. I hope the developers will fix it.

Rick Van Soest (RVSOEST) 18.12.2022 21:01
mijn editor is gecrasht (9.0.3), ik wilde hem gebruiken maar hij start op en sluit gelijk weer af, heb alles al verwijderd en opnieuw geïnstalleerd maar het helpt allemaal niet, hopelijk heeft hier iemand een oplossing!

Remco Wonink (remcco) 27.01.2023 23:21
hier ook problemen met edditter zelfde als rick van soest

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