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Created20.01.2023 22:51

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 20.01.2023 22:51
Hello, I was wondering how to use the paint terrain by spline script. I have looked online and see no clear cut description how to. I seen Farmer boys modding had a script pack for splines roads etc. but the DL is gone. Some info on why it doesn't work would be cool and how to use it as well.
Or other options to paint roads.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 21.01.2023 11:08
Download is there at the end of the instructions (log in required for downloads, comments)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 22.01.2023 02:40
The Editor 9.0.3 has the scripts allready thier ,

take the spilne you whant to use highlight it then go to window tabe go to sript editor click on and it will bring up another window this so
you can change the ground type or width looks like below the part to edit is the numbers the 80 is ground type the 4 is the width you will have to try different number for the ground type go through and make a list of the ground type number each map might be different like I add 6 new ground types for the terraFarm mod and it changed all my ground type numbers.

EditorUtils.paintTerrainBySpline(80, 4);

when you change the the ground type or width and select execute it will ask you to save select no and it will paint it will ask to save each time you change the number or width don't when done painting close the script editor window.

you do the set terrian buy spline the same way the part to edit looks like this below the -0.1 is the ground height above or be low the spline
the 4.0 is the width

EditorUtils.setTerrainHeight( -0.1,4.0 );

hope this help

Snake Man (snakeman) 22.01.2023 05:11
Painting roads in GIMP is very easy, been doing it for years now.

Cultivator, Fruit Density with Painted Roads

List of our tutorials, terrain editing info, "map making" tips on

If you get stuck with editing, road painting etc you can ask help in PMC forum

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 24.01.2023 20:21
Hey thanks all for the replies. I got it figured now thanks a lot for the help.

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