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Traffic splines

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Created26.01.2023 00:32

Paul Englot (PaulEng12) 26.01.2023 00:32
Hello, I was wondering if there is an easier way than placing every single spline point on the ground with CTRL + B? Where did the snap to ground button go? Also do they need to be a certain height or does the game automatically place the traffic on the ground if the spline isn't exactly on the ground? Sorry but I may be "Old school" and not know the new tricks.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 02.02.2023 02:24
select the start node CTRL + B hold the right mouse button and use the insert key on your key board keep holding the right mouse button and keep inserting new nodes they will set to ground hieght ,the traffic is connected to the spline they will go wherever you put the spline.

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