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Warning when loading game.

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Created11.03.2023 11:47

Brad Pierce (Brad_Pierce) 11.03.2023 11:47
Hello. I am currently making my own map and i have gotten my map Error and warning free except 1 line i cant seem to figure out. i can only asume is something related to the giants map.i3d. this is like warning i am getting.

Warning (performance): Foliage lod 1 mesh 'meadow' 'cut' 'cut' is much larger than lod 0 mesh (min/maxY (-0.175/0.082 vs -0.125/0.103).

Thank you for any help!

Snake Man (snakeman) 12.03.2023 01:02
HOWTO Fix meadowUS.xml Warning Farming Simulator 22 - PMC Farming

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 12.03.2023 11:58
Changing the file path will change all the meadowUS foiliage textures to meadowsDLC (Alpine) ones , subsequently the meadow grass foiliage will appear differnt owing to the settings in the relevant xml's (harvest ready will have more flowers/grass in it and be of a different colour/shade)

As it is a known Giants error I suggest you ignore it.

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