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Created28.06.2013 18:35

Ben Febbriello (Unknown) 28.06.2013 18:43
I just started building a map and have made it pretty far but I have a few questions.

the first is that I put the silos down. after that I put the grain station in when I went and tested the game though it dumped the trailer but sold it instead of putting it back into the silo. how do I fix this problem?

the next problem is that I have put in the " storePlace " and pasted " storePlaceEnd " but it still doesn't allow me to purchase vehicles. (I am sorry I know that the title shouldn't have been grain station because this has nothing to do with it sorry)

thank you for any info you can provide,


Sven2157 (Unknown) 03.07.2013 20:22
Hi Ben,

Congrats on your new map, and ... Welcome to Hell! ;-)

1. - The silos have their own dumping spot. This should be within the node of the silos themselves. The one you are using, did you copy that from the original map, outside of the 'silos' transform? That is the market dump.

2. - The store is a transform group, with three nodes( all names are surrounded by single quotes to identify them as game logic. DO NOT include the single quotes in your map ):
-- 1. - Node 1 is the Store itself( called 'StorePlace' ). This is the 'main' transform group for ALL 'storePlaceN' nodes. Where N = a number 1 - infinity.
-- 2. - Node 2 is the store start( called 'storePlace1' or 2 or 3, etc, etc ). This node MUST have a User Attribute called 'onCreate', and a value of 'BaseMission.onCreateStoreSpawnPlace'
-- 3. - Node 3 is the store end point( called 'storePlace1End' ). Location of 'StorePlace'( point #1 above ) and 'storePlaceNEnd'( point #3 above ) are not relevant, however, where you place 'storePlaceN'( point #2 above ), is where the shop items will be placed.

There are other reasons that the shop will malfuction, including an improperly coded MOD item. try the above, and disable ALL mods. Let me know ...

Hope that helps! ;-)


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