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Two Editor Versions at one PC

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Created26.07.2013 00:44

Peter Diwisch (Unknown) 26.07.2013 01:07
Hello at all,

I´m a member from Germany, so at first sorry for my bad English :(

My Question: Is it possible to install both versions of the GE (5.0.1 and 5.0.3) on my PC? I try to install the 5.0.1 in the Program Folder C:\Programme(x86) (this is the Standard path of German Win7 64bit for this Program) and also install the 5.0.3 in my own Program Folder in Drive D:\

Both Versions are installed, but it´s not possible to open a map or mod with the "old" Version of the GE. When i click on "open with" and then select the exe from the 5.0.1 Editor he still try to open the mod (made with 5.0.1) with the new Version. Then I must end the Program with the TaskManager. Is there any other way to install both GE-Versions?

I hope anyone can help me and send greetings from Germany to all in this Forum

Edit: I mostly work at night on the PC, so don´t be irritate when my answer to a post from anyone came next night! Thank you.

Larry Horse (Larry) 27.07.2013 20:01
Get 5.0.1 opened,than hit file, open... or import... but remember if the i3d is saved in 5.0.3 it's not gonna work very well 'cause new editor saves in i3d and map.i3d.shapes

Peter Diwisch (Unknown) 28.07.2013 00:56
Thank you Larry, thats the way. The last Years it was normally for me to Doubleklick on the i3d File, so that I don´t see this easy way to open an "old" File with 5.0.1. Shame on me ;)

Also thank´s for your important tip of new files with the i3d.shapes.


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