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Modding maps with Editor 5.0.3 and Win. 8?

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Created19.08.2013 17:42

James Cantrell (Unknown) 19.08.2013 17:48
I'm trying to edit maps with Giants Editor 5.0.3 64 bit on a Windows 8 machine... and it's not going well. I can pull the map up in the game until I open it with the editor. Once I do that, then save it, it won't work any longer. The hourglass icons spin for a few minutes, then the game crashes.

And it doesn't matter if I've changed anything in the map or not. Simply opening the map then saving it without doing anything else seems to kill the map.

Any suggestions? Is there a problem with Windows 8, Editor 5.0.3 64 bit, or both?

Henrik Christensen (Katze5) 08.09.2013 17:57
I do not believe Windows 8 is your problem. I am working on the Win8 platform, with GE 5.0.3 64 bit, and i am not having any trouble at all with the compability. Maybe it's driver related ? Or maybe you need to run a windows update. There has been a lot of updates in the past few weeks.

Daniel H-n (Unknown) 17.09.2013 01:42
I am having the exact same problem (Win 8, GTX 670) . Map opens in the 64bit 5.0.3, saved then no longer can be opened in 32 bit and also crashes any saved games under that mod map. I will try updating drivers and see if that helps.

Denis Tsysar (Unknown) 11.10.2013 17:51
Same problem here. If I open any map in Editor and simply hit SAVE with no modifications at all, the game will no longer be able to open that map, and will crash.

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