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map doesnt work after save with editor v5.0.3

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Created20.08.2013 16:09

Rolf Meester (rolf15) 20.08.2013 16:13
for some reason when i edit a map and save it in the new v 5.0.3 it doesnt work any more in game
i get this log error
Error: C:/Users/Rolf/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/OostGroningen/modDesc.xml(35): Error reading end tag.
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod OostGroningen

what do i need to change in the moddesc.xml to get it to work ?

Michael Covington (Unknown) 25.08.2013 21:11
If you have not installed the latest FS2013 patch, that may fix the issue. Worked for me.

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