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Grey map problem

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Created20.10.2013 22:45

Chris Trewin (Unknown) 20.10.2013 22:46
i load a map or a veichle and it is grey and i cant take anything (like beacons) off my tractor, and my map is just grey? Help?

Eanna Eanna (Unknown) 23.11.2013 21:42
I got the same problem.
I can edit everything but its all grey
Just wondering if anyone has a fix?

Simon Lortie (Unknown) 21.05.2014 03:23
I had the same problem and as soon as I click on the map move it a bit and it comes clear and able to see the map

Thomas Brunner - GIANTS Software 21.05.2014 09:10
Hi Guys

Can you provide us some more information, like which version of the GE are you using? Also the editor.log file may help us to solve the problem.

Also the .i3d that will reproduce the issue would help us.


William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 03.08.2014 17:57
I have the same problem when I open up the Holzhausen map in GE. It's totally grey and i can't move anything.. I use the 5.5.2 version of GE and I can open up other maps and items.


William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 05.08.2014 14:45
After some research i found out that the problem with maps turning out grey in GE is caused by a code that the mapmakers set up for a reason. They don't want people to edit their maps.. Decoding is the only way to solve this!

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