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Model spread all over the place after exporting

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Created30.03.2014 21:44

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 30.03.2014 21:45
models after exporting from 3D max into GIANTS editor spreads all over, what to do to keep them as they are in 3D max?
look attached 2 pictures

I have found also somthing strange that my new objects has transform coordinates highlighted YELLOW! It has newer happend before when I made other objects. Whay are they yellowed?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.04.2014 17:19

generally speaking you have to apply "freeze to pivot" before exporting an object into i3d format.

Yellow transform attributes mean, that the object is animated.

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 06.04.2014 02:26
Now it works, thanks for help. I have used resetXform option in 3DSmax.

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