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i3d import not visible GE 5.5

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Created15.04.2014 18:18

Danny Tuto (Unknown) 15.04.2014 18:36
well thing is the map was saved with the new 5.5 and I tried to import same model that I was importing with the 5.0.3 and now it's not visible and user attributes are the same didn't change anything but the GE version and now I can't even Import it from the 5.0.3 becouse I already save it using the 5.5.1 version

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 15.04.2014 19:51
Hi Danny,

Can you provide us your files so that we can reproduce it here.


Danny Tuto (Unknown) 16.04.2014 07:30
Sorry my bad, I now can see it but I don't know why this happend It was a foldable door that I was adding to polebarn01 (big Hangar looking one machine hall) but when I paste it not as a child I was abble to look at it and when I inserted using ctrl+v in the polebarn01 It was a no show until I repaste it as a polebarn01_vis (if this is not a problem and just my lack of knowledge wich I think it is please disregard and delete this post) something to do with the lod thing

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