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Created18.04.2014 04:50

Levi Skuse (Unknown) 18.04.2014 05:02
Hi, there guys. i found the change log of giants editor 5.5.1 and it said it was mac os x compatibile . well theres no link to it in the downloads section,. what did they mean OS x supported in the change log? can someone please send me the link to 5.5.1 GE, if they know where it is?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.04.2014 20:07
Hi Levi,

the GE for OS X will be listed in the downloads section when it is completely finished.

Levi Skuse (Unknown) 19.04.2014 03:02
Ok thank you very much,. do you maby know an estimating date when it might be realesed? @Emil Dreders

Dave Mckay (Unknown) 27.04.2014 00:12
I was wondering the same thing when I looked at the change log. OMG I will be so happy when it is released.

Cole Kurfees (Unknown) 21.05.2014 21:35
when will it be complete @emil dreders

Thomas Lund (Unknown) 22.05.2014 18:49
yes it is a dream when it comes. Having to use the pc just to modify some maps.

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 28.05.2014 10:02
Yes it will be great when it arrives, but in the mean time I am using Crossover to run GE 5.5.1
with no problems.

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