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Created05.05.2014 18:16

Chris Hunt (Unknown) 05.05.2014 18:19
I'm trying to add a building to a map. It is a place-able building I downloaded. If I place it while playing, everything functions as it should, doors open, lights work, the whole 9 yards. When I place it with GE, then play it, it is where I put it and has all the correct textures, but no functions at all. I have copied all the files from my mod folder into my map folder, why are the functions not there? And, just to let you know, when I go back into GE and look into the hierarchy of this building all the triggers are there under it.

Clement Clem (Unknown) 09.05.2014 13:51
I have the same problem with GE 5.5.1. Can you help us ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.05.2014 20:15

this is not an issue of the GIANTS Editor.

Placeable objects use different scripts then objects which can be placed directly in the map.

One solution might be to ask the modder to create another version of his mod, which can be installed in the map directly.

An other solution would be to edit the defaultVehicles.xml to contain the desired object.


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