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Created28.05.2014 03:14

Travis Raines (Unknown) 28.05.2014 03:15
I need to know how edit fields for sale, corners, and buying triggers.. I want to edit an existing map to change the field layout and I need help, along with editing existing fs13 buildings please, tutorials would be great, thanks!!!
(I want to redo all the inaccessible buildings to make them actually usable.. I don't know how to edit buildings using giants, I haven't seen anything on it..)

Keary Smith (Unknown) 30.05.2014 01:31
Well, I can't help with the building editing, but I will tell you more info.
Under the terrain editing window, you can select what kind of ground to paint it with.
Under each of the fields on the left, you can select the field icons AND the field numbers so you can move them with the fields.
You can select on the map in the editor each building and move and rotate them with the sphere and arrows that appear.

I hope this helped!
Keary Smith (YouTube: VideoGamesUSA)
I'll try to give you more info later.

Keary Smith (Unknown) 14.06.2014 20:25
To edit buildings, you have to have a program like Blender, 3ds MAX, or Maya.

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