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Created02.07.2014 17:15

Robert Freeman (Unknown) 02.07.2014 17:18
I can't find this info in a search so here goes. When I load a vehicle mod i3d file, how do I edit the actual body of the vehicle? For instance, if I wanted to enlarge a wheel opening in the fender, where does that part exist? I know that I would be editing the actual graphic in Gimp or something but I can't figure out where the physical file for the body is.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.07.2014 07:39
Hi Robert,

that depends on how (or what exactly) you want to edit the part.
If you only want to scale it, then you can use the GIANTS Editor (Attributes Panel).
(Note the 'freeze transformation' option if you right click on an object in the scenegraph)
But if you want to deform the part (e.g. move vertices) then you would have to export the object to .obj format and open that exported file with any 3D modelling program of your choice.

The actual data for the object (position of vertices etc.) is stored in the vehicle.i3d.shapes file, but you can't and don't need to edit that file.


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