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Created10.07.2014 01:53

Aaron Dailey (Unknown) 10.07.2014 02:00
Hey guys and gals. I am a newby at whole process of editing in Giants Editor. I have watched many videos on here and just can't grasp it. Is there any good and informative , but dummy proof blogs or videos out there to help me. I am wanting to start from scratch on a new map, not an existing one, or is that possible ? Please help! I followed the instructions on the "preparing the map" video and got to the point of going into the program files and selecting the map, but only have map01, not map01.i3d. I went ahead and tried it and it said error on all of the traits as it was loading, the brings up and Giants editor has stopped working and have no map view.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.07.2014 08:23
Hi Aaron,

first, let me say that we have a wiki:
but it uses the german language and might therefore be useless for you.

If you want to create a completely new map i would recommend you to start with the default map nontheless.
It eases the process a lot, because you have everything at hand what is needed for a map, namly triggers for selling fruit types, a BGA, places for animals, etc.

If you only see map01 and not map01.i3d in your file explorer that's because windows does not show the file extension by default.
You can easily enable this feature - just do a quick search in your favourite search engine ;)
So it is absolutely the correct file you wanted to open.

To get rid of the errors and finally load the map succesfully you should try to use the newest version of the GIANTS Editor (see the downloads section here at GDN).

But note: once you got the map loaded in GIANTS Editor you should save your modification somewhere else. The corresponding video tutorial (which you've propably already watched) shows how and where you should do that (File -> Export all with files ;) )

Happy modding!


Aaron Dailey (Unknown) 10.07.2014 17:55
Thanks Emil! That explains a lot.


Philippe De Maertelaere (Unknown) 09.11.2014 10:45
Hi there...

Got a question to if you dont mind ..I also wanna create a new map but i dont know how to start one ...Do i need a Blank map like this ( )...i can download but i dont know where i have to install it then ,or do i really have to start from the defaultmap....but it doesnt see that eassy either ..:)

Thx so far mate

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