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16x map new terrain toggles invisible in editor

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Created17.07.2014 06:17

J Puddester (Unknown) 17.07.2014 06:39
I`ve created an 8192x8192 map that works terrific when played... the problem I have is when trying to edit the new terrain.

I`ve expanded the existing samplemodmap to contain the original map at the center. When I open the map i3d in the editor, all terrain is visible as long as the original map terrain is in my field of view.

When I rotate to face the edge of the map everything disappears except the green lines that define the shape of the selected transformgroup in my field of view... everything will immediately reappear if I rotate back to get the center of the map back in my field of view. The only way I can edit the flat terrain surrounding my original map is if I always face my camera towards the center of the map... How can I fix this?

J Puddester (Unknown) 18.07.2014 06:19
Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Has anyone see this effect in the editor before?

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 18.07.2014 14:47
I have the same issue. I don't think they have a solution

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