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GE 5.5.2 move collision

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Created02.08.2014 00:26

Florian M. (Unknown) 02.08.2014 00:28
i want to move/change the collision, but i cant look in to the shape.file.
How can i open the shape files?

J Puddester (Unknown) 04.08.2014 03:25
Collision and rigid body items are found in the Giants Editor under Window/Attributes of the transformgroup you select in the Window/Scenegraph, under the tab called 'Rigid Body' (which only appears if you enable this item on the first tab 'Transform'). These attributes are absolutely not found in the shapes file.

The shapes file is simply used by the editor to open the i3d file of the same name... think of an i3d file as being two parts... when you open any i3d file in the editor, it will only create a complete scene by using data from the shapes file... this makes the i3d file smaller to deal with when editing or when loading it in the game, and these two-part i3ds allegedly result in an overall increase in game performance.

To open a shapes files, open the i3d of the same name that references it... if you want to edit the shape itself, export the item from your Giants editor as an .obj object file. OBJ files can easily be imported into Maya, 3DSMax, or Blender for editing.

Hope this helps.

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