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giants editor 5.5.2 error while saving i3d file

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Created04.08.2014 21:46

Fabian Kleinhenz (Unknown) 04.08.2014 21:47
bei mir kommt die ganze zeit wenn ich exportieren will error while saving i3d file
bitte helft mir

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.08.2014 08:29

this forum uses the english language only.

Have a look in some older posts, i guess your problem has been solved more than once ;)


Dominik Millenium (Unknown) 29.08.2014 22:56
Hi Emil
i have the same problem with the GE 5.5.2, every time, i want to "export" or "save as" the map01.i3d from the data folter in the unziped samplemodmap folder, apear this error.

i didn't find a solution in another post
My system is, WIN 7 64 bit

sorry for my english i hope you understand
greez from swiss

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.08.2014 15:57

first of all you do need write permissions to the folder you want to export to.

Further the path to the folder should not contain any special letter, like (ae, ue, ... or cyrillic letters) - these issues will be fixed in a feature version.


Dominik Millenium (Unknown) 31.08.2014 20:43
i have check for write permissions to the folder, it doesn't work also with a mod from the vehicles folder. i don't have any special letters in my path to the folder or in the name from the .i3d

Dominik Millenium (Unknown) 03.09.2014 22:56
i think, i have found the bug, the path to the desktop where i would export the map, is a "ö" in the name, i forget the special letter in my PC username

"save" going, not "save as" or "export"

thanks for help

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