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Spline direction

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Created17.08.2014 22:38

Adam Triks (Unknown) 17.08.2014 22:42

I'm editing a map, and trying to add moving objects with spline. My problem is the objects are moving on their Z coordinates and spline ignores the rotation value I add on the objects and I end up watching my custom vehicles sliding all over the place on their sides, backwards, etc. Is there any way to tell the spline to take the X coordinate of the objects to move them on? Thanks!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2014 08:46


But you can re-orientate your objects.

Rotate them as required and use the 'freeze transformations' option.
(right cick on your object in the scenegraph panel)


Adam Triks (Unknown) 18.08.2014 09:17

It's perfect! Working like a charm. :)
Thank you very much!

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