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My map that i created wont load ingame

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Created18.08.2014 07:36

Brendan Zimmerman (Unknown) 18.08.2014 07:38
when I attempt to load my map I created it just loads and loads and never launches. If anyone can help me with this please do.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.08.2014 08:52

there can be hundreds or thousands of possible reasons for that problem.

Go to your 'Farming Simulator' directory in 'My Documents' and have a look into the log.txt.
It contains all errors of the last game start up (and during runtime).

You can also edit the game.xml file as following


to be able to turn the console on ingame (key: ^)

As soon as you have any error message feel free to post it here ... it might give you/us an idea what is going wrong.


Brendan Zimmerman (Unknown) 18.08.2014 21:38
Error: failed to load map C:/Users/Russ/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/myModMap/map/map01.i3d
Error: LUA running function 'loadMapFinished'

These errors came up when I looked in log.txt.

Brendan Zimmerman (Unknown) 19.08.2014 03:48
I got it all I did was change the map.i3d files name to map01.i3d

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