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GE 5.5.2 : Missing textures filename in I3D

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Created10.10.2014 12:49

Olivier Leblanc (Unknown) 10.10.2014 12:55
Hi everyone,
When I use "Export selection", GE (5.5.2) create a new I3D file like I want but It doesn't export textures filename. When I edit it with NP++, the section <Files> is here, then I got one line by texture but the item "Filename" is empty !! I have the same problem with 5.5.1.
Can you help me, please ?

Luke Luculus (luculus) 11.10.2014 15:39
The textures have to be present in dds format . This problem , the new editors . When you save files are gone even if the path is correct.

Olivier Leblanc (Unknown) 19.10.2014 09:57
Thanks trying help me, but that's not my problem...
All textures are in good format and the paths are ok. I've to search manually MaterialID then FileID in original map file. The problem not occur with all the objects, some of tem can be exported. So, there's an other problem with the editor but what ??

Michael Heemcke (mpffh) 19.10.2014 17:26
Hello i had the same problem
I find out , you have to save in the same File Order where your map.i3d is.
sorry about my bad english

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