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Created06.11.2014 22:28

Eric Boogaard (EJBModding) 06.11.2014 22:29
I made some object a long time ago for fs 13 to add to a map an it worked fine that time.
So now i trying to use this objects for a fs 15 map that i am making
But now the object don't drop a shadow anymore.
I got cast/receive shadowmap on.

If i take the texture off the object it will drop a shadow but when im loading the texture back the shadow is gone.
I use a 512x512 texture map on dx3 dds settings.

So here a view of the objects:

Greetings EJBModding.

PS i found out that i got the same problem after i edited a mods texture.
before i got shadow after i dont.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 16:39

removing and (re) adding a texture (also with normal map and specular map) works for me with the most recent version of the GIANTS Editor (6.0.2).

Maybe you have to hit 'reload textures'

Try the exact same steps on a default model to check if it might be a problem of your model.


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