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GE 6.02: Issue during terrain editing

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Created07.11.2014 10:12

Matthias Reizammer (Unknown) 07.11.2014 10:14
I have a strange issue with GE. This occurs in all terrain editing modes. For example, I smooth an area, I can not see any changes. I save my i3d and reload the file, the changes are there.

Same thing in foliage painting mode. I paint for example a bit of asphalt, don't see anything. Save and reload, and there is my road.

What is wrong here?

Thanks for your ideas

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 16:32

please try the most recent vesion of the GE.

Update the driver sof your graphics card.

Check if the error also occurs if you edit one of the default maps

Get back if the error remains.


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