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6.0.2 dosent work screenis gray

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Created08.11.2014 21:33

Daniel James Baker (Unknown) 08.11.2014 21:34
my view profile is medium but when i open up a mod the screen just stays grey

anyhelp ????

thank you

H. Tawil (Unknown) 23.11.2014 12:48
It look like sometime the GE camera is looking at the other side of the universe :)
To solve this just select any object and press F, it will bring the camera to it.

Martijn De Ronde (Unknown) 28.06.2015 08:22
did still not work for me

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.06.2015 09:37
Does your GE work on other mods and maps?
Are there any error messages in the script window or editor log?
Does this mod appear correctly in game?

Unknown 23.02.2019 22:34
im using 6.0.3 and its doing the same thing and I don't know how to use it enough to even spawn stuff

Tony Price (brownthumb) 24.02.2019 07:14
if you are using that 6.0.3 for FS19 mods and maps you are way off base, it won't read them, you need the 8.10 ,downloaded from this site.

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