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[Solved] 6.0.2 Terrain Memory Leak

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Created14.11.2014 15:01

Kamil Andrzejewski (Unknown) 14.11.2014 15:05
Good day.

I've been creating a map by modifying a copy of the Bjorn default map and noticed that the terrain has a huge memory leak. It contains 30000 textures, 260000 transforms and takes 800mb RAM, empty!

Screenshot of stats:

Download map:

Closing and opening the editor yields no result and there are no visible errors in any logs, including in-game (but there is a huge performance hit).

Please advice.

Kamil Andrzejewski (Unknown) 14.11.2014 15:39
Apparently the viewdistance was completely out-of-wack for the terrain. Nevermind, move along.

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