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Created16.11.2014 16:08

Nikola Mitic (Unknown) 16.11.2014 16:08
Hello to all,
I am making my own map but i had problem. I create cow area and i inserted stableStrawPlane in cowStable. When i inserted it, in giants editor it looks good but when i open my map in the game the strawPiles are a few meters in the air... What should i do?
Can someone help me, i will appreciate it...

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 16:02

you have to adjust the user attribute for the straw plane

Open the user attributes panel (Window - User Attributes)

Find the transformGroup with the name 'cowsHusbandry' in the scenegraph

Find the entry 'strawPlaneMinMaxY' in the user attributes
This entry defines how much the strawPlane should move in Y-Direction.
Adjust to your needs and save the map


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