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Editor window layout got messed up

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Created03.10.2009 16:03

Joonas Ukkola (Unknown) 03.10.2009 16:05
I was making my map when I resized my attributes window, then it messed up and the cross which collapses the window dissapeared and now all my windows are messed up.
heres the picture proof
edit: heres the GE after some resizing
Edit: I was able to resize some of the windows, but my scenegraph is still not functioning correctly(can't grab it and move it around, nor can I collapse it away) also I can't edit any attributes since the attributes-window is hidden behind scenegraph.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 04.10.2009 17:40
Since v4.1.3 there is a Reset Windows function in the Windows menu.
If you are using an older version you can delete the settings file.
Windows XP stores this file under
Dokumente und Einstellungen\<Username>\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\GIANTS Editor 4.1.2

You can delete this folder. The next time the editor should start with the default layout.

Joonas Ukkola (Unknown) 07.10.2009 22:07
thanks, it is fixed now!

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 20.11.2009 07:20
im sorry but i have this problem also but i can not seem to find it in where u are saying it is i have version 4.1.2 i found the foulder C:\Program Files\GIANTS Software\GIANTS_Editor_4.1.2 but what do i delete in side of it i see no "settings file" in there i only see a "shared" and a "test_scenes" sorry for the trouble

thanks tk

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 29.11.2009 11:10
The file is not in the Program Files folder. It is user users settings directory.

As you seem to use the English Version of Windows, the folder is called
C:/Documents and Settings/<Username>/LocalSettings/App Data/GIANTS Editor 4.1.2
in Windows XP.

If you are using Windows Vista, it is in C:/Users/<Username>/App Data/GIANTS Editor 4.1.2

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