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Problem creating nav meshes

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Created11.12.2014 19:40

Conor Warren (Unknown) 11.12.2014 19:46
Nav mesh problems - cannot recreate the nav mesh for any animals (been working with cows mainly). ive had days of work ruined as the moment i try to recreate the area i want the cows to be on.
1 - the nav mesh wont recreate. i can delete the previous one (and in game crashes bc purchased cows have no location)
2 - i can create nav meshes but they do not show on the map physically. it registers in the scenograph but cannot be located
this problem is recurrent in every map i modify, and in creating a map from scratch and importing files for cowhusbandry, four mill, etc.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.12.2014 16:56

have you watched the video tutorials?
The FS13 tutorials contain a video about that topic (the FS15 tutorials contain the same)

Follwoing just some thoughts what you might forgot when trying to set up a nav. mesh:
- select the existing nav mesh in the scenegraph before you re create it
- double check the bits (info channel id) you use for painting and creating the nav mesh
- to visualize a nav mesh click in the menu on "view" -> "show" -> "navigation mesh"


Conor Warren (Unknown) 17.12.2014 06:05
yeah ive watched the tutorial and know all that, but it never seems to work. and it always renders the game folder file unusable. ive had similar problems importing the beef fattening modification as well as losing my terrain in one of the maps i spent days on. if i even select the terrain scenegraph the editor shuts down suddenly. all these problems keep occurring.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 14:40

well, I'm not sure if I misunderstood you.
But you should never make changes to the default map in the game directory.
Always use a mod map in the mods directory!

Also please try to edit the default map (Bjornholm or Westbridge) first.
Maybe you are editing a map which was made for FS13? In this case a lot of problems are to be expected.


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