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grey screen in editor6.0.3

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Created16.12.2014 06:57

Col Smith (Unknown) 16.12.2014 06:58
grey screen still in editor even with all updates loads 2013 maps fine

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 16.12.2014 19:00
GE 6.0.2 and 6.0.3 are nothing but troubble.
When saving is says Exporting for ever and wont save anything.
Then the other thing is freezing when saving. And not just the normal way but freezing for good and ruinig the map.

Diman Prop (Unknown) 20.12.2014 19:41
I had the same problem on a laptop sony with two video cards
install new drivers here

Mark Jacklin (jacko1144) 03.01.2015 10:01
i can't get the 64bit version to work at all, but the 32bit version works.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 14:17

the 32bit version has the same features as the 64bit version.

Problems during saving could be introduced by missing user rights for the place where you want to save the i3d file to.
Try to save the file to a place where you need no admin rights to change something.

If you encounter any errors please be as precise as possible when posting this error and tell us what components your system contains.
e.g. operating system, CPU, GPU, etc


David Kidwell (Unknown) 13.02.2015 18:03
I am also getting grey screen when map loaded fine.

Both 64 and 32bit versions.

Nvidia GTX-770
Processor i7-440k
8Gb Ram
Win 7 64bit.
Steam version of FS2015
Downloaded both versions of GE.

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