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Created20.12.2014 15:05

Joel Faulkner (Unknown) 20.12.2014 15:07
i need to no what requirements i need to run ge 6.0.0 before i get a new graphics card or anything. but ive looked around and cant find nothing about it? can someone please help me and tell me what requirements i need. thanks

Domen@pro (Domen) 20.12.2014 18:07
You must have only a RAM of 512 MB and more. I have 512 MB on the first computer and the GeForce 7600 GS 256 MB, processor 1,8 Ghz dual core and it works alright. On the second computer but also must work intel pentium 4 3.40 GHz, 4 GB ram, Geforce 750M. So tell us, what are your system features:( processor,ram,...)

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