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Created21.12.2014 18:12

Scott Everett (Unknown) 21.12.2014 18:14
hi can anyone tell me why I download any of the editor's when I load map 1 map 2 it say loading on left side the stuff pops up then says editor stop working I did the cube in the video work fine why is it crashing also when I load map 1 sreen is grey and the a pic of a moose then stops working when I click on i3d file it opening then say not reponding

Scott Cannon Jr. (Unknown) 29.12.2014 18:07
I am seeing the same problems as well. I'm running editor 6.0.3 with 64-bit Windows7, and the Editor frequently crashes when I try File=>Open on the map01 or map02 files. When it doesn't crash on opening, it shows a gray screen with the moose as you described, then crashes if I click on almost anything.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 14:08

please try both, the 63bit and the 32bit version of the GE.

Also give us as much information about your system as possible.
e.g. which operating system are you using?, which cpu?, which GPU?

Check if it has something to do with 'user account control'.
You could disable it temporarily to check if this is an issue.


Jon Wesley Cable (HoosierFarmer) 20.01.2015 07:52

What is the user account control?

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