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mods ge 6.0.3 back too 5.5.2

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Created01.01.2015 20:17

Danny Van Aert (Unknown) 01.01.2015 20:18
hello is there any change too get mods back from 6.0.3 too 5.5.2

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 13:38

not by using the GE.

But you could export them as an .obj file.
Open that obj file with a 3D modeling programm and export it (with an older version of the i3d tools/exporter) as an i3d ;)

Nonetheless I wonder why you would do something like that?
The new FS15 has plenty of reasons to leave FS13 behind ;)


Cole Huhnerkoch (Unknown) 11.01.2015 19:35
FS15 has no reason to leave FS13 behind. Tons of people cant even edit FS15 mods because of your compatibility issues with laptops and GE 6.0.3. I can edit large maps and every mod in 2013 but cant open a single 2015 mod in Giants editor. So why would I think FS15 was any better than FS13 ? It is worse and I wasted money to buy it !!!!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:31

programs which make intense use of the GPU typically require a dedicated graphics card.
A laptop with an onboard GPU would not run any of the latest games.

So, if your laptop has dediacted GPU try to make it use this GPU when opening the GE or FS.
If your laptop can run FS, it can also run GE.

FS15 has definitly a bulk of improvements compared to FS13.
Just naming a few:
- dynamic(!) wood cutting
- dynamic fill planes / volumes
- vehicles which get dirty
- better rendering
- new foliage for fruits
- new vehicles
- ...


Cole Huhnerkoch (Unknown) 12.01.2015 22:04
"If your laptop can run FS, it can also run GE." That is not true at all. I can play FS2015 on high hardware profile on my laptop but I cannot edit any 2015 mods in GE. Explain to me how that makes sense at all !!!!

Joseph Metz (Unknown) 12.01.2015 23:13
I agree, I also run fs 15 on my laptop and cannot open any maps in GE. its really starting to piss me off that there is no fix for this yet and I cannot find an answer for this from anyone

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