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Exporting Selection with files?

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Created13.01.2015 05:58

Dustin Waite (Unknown) 13.01.2015 06:00
I am having issues when downloading new buildings for the map i am editing, the building textures do not show up in game. I have tried the export selection with files but no luck, not sure if i am doing it correct or not. I am exporting the building files to models/buildings

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.01.2015 08:51

if you have downloaded a new model then you probably don't really need to use 'export with files'.
Just copy the downloaded i3d and its data structure (mainly the the texture files which belong to it) into the file structure of your mod map.
Where you do copy the files to doesn't matter, but it has to be hierachically inside the mod map.
And yes ... "model/buildings" makes the most sense if it is a building.

But maybe th error is not caused by you?
Do the buildings show their texture if you open their i3d files (directly after downloading and extracting(?) still before importing into a map)?


Dustin Waite (Unknown) 14.01.2015 18:35
Yes the buildings show their textures in the i3d form in GE, its after i save the map to the mod map file map01.i3d and go into the game where the textures disapear, they show only one small piece of the building with texture and the rest of building will remain white

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