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Created13.01.2015 12:26

Lawrence Sprott (oyeebodcc) 13.01.2015 12:34
Trying to add chickens to a map and all working fine except the eggs. They spawn ok in the game and can be picked up but are not visible. Have noticed that any objects I try to put into the chickenhusbandry transform in GE are not visible unless they are selected in the scenagraph but not sure if this is the problem. Have tried importing every way I can think of and visibility is on for the eggs. Have checked all the user attributes but must be missing something. Anybody any ideas on what I'm doing wrong.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.01.2015 08:58

the eggs can be set invisible inside GE - they are set visible by the game whenever they have to be.

Please check if you place the eggs hierachically inside the correct transform group, namely:

+ animals
+ chickenHusbandry
+ eggs <- transform group for eggs
+ egg
+ egg
+ egg


Lawrence Sprott (oyeebodcc) 16.01.2015 06:39
Thanks for the reply Emil. I have checked the hierarchy several times and created it in many different orders but with no effect. As far as I can tell the visibility check box only effects the eggs in GE as I have seen them both checked and unchecked in other maps which are all working.
Basically I have given up and stripped down a map which has the animals already added so that I can mod it as I wish



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