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Giants 6.0.3 64 bit has black screen

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Created20.01.2015 07:45

Jon Wesley Cable (HoosierFarmer) 20.01.2015 07:49
Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Driver Version is 347.09
Available Graphics memory - 4096mb
Dedicated Graphics memory - 1024mb
Direct X 10

64-bit operating system
Gigabyte motherboard
16gb ram
AMD Phenom II x4 core processor.

Windows 7 Home Premium

I have completed wiped the Giants folder and all related items from machine, reloaded from this page the new exe files, 3x and no positive results.

Please advise.

Jens Rabmund (jensjcs) 04.02.2015 13:31
you have the black screen after loading an i3d file? maybe you have some special characters in the filename or foldername the i3d is in it. check it please and try again.

i had the same problem with the special characters in the foldername like : ä ö ü

hope i could help


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