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Editer crashes when loading 2015 maps

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Created24.01.2015 17:50

George Stubbs (Unknown) 24.01.2015 17:52
i load up the editer and open the map but then theediter just stops responding and i get an message saying it has crashed and after a cople of secionds it just closes help plz

i can open almost any other map apart from the defult ones

Jack Sault (Unknown) 24.01.2015 18:07
the same happens to me but I can only sometimes open the default one

George Stubbs (Unknown) 24.01.2015 18:09
just updated it now i cant open any apart from the 2013 maps. very anoying as i brought the tutorials as i am not the best at this stuff

Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 24.01.2015 20:11
When editing any map editor freezes and crashes ie Manor Farm 2015 loads in editor but when adding building to it editor freezes and using Task Monitor I can watch the memory being used by the editor going from 500mb to 6 gb for no aparent reason.
I have deleted and re-installed but it has made no difference editor still freezes.

Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 26.01.2015 14:38
Tried again today different map same result

Log shows nothing untoward,

GIANTS Engine Runtime 6.0.2 64bit (Build Date: Dec 4 2014)
Copyright (c) 2008-2014, GIANTS Software GmbH (, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2003-2014, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger, All Rights Reserved.
Application: GIANTS Editor 64bit 6.0.3
Main System
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: 8172 MB
OS: Windows NT 6.1 64-bit
Physics System
Version: 5.9.4
Thread(s): 2
Sound System
Driver: OpenAL Software
Render System
Driver: OpenGL
Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer: GeForce GT 545/PCIe/SSE2
Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 347.09
Shader Version: 4.50 NVIDIA
max_texture_layers: 16
OpenGL initialization successful
Hardware Profile
Level: Medium (auto)
View Distance Factor: 1.000000
Shadow Quality: 1.000000
Skip Mipmaps: 1
LOD Distance Factor: 1.000000
Terrain LOD Distance Factor: 1.000000
Foliage View Distance Factor: 1.000000
Volume Mesh Tessellation Factor: 1.000000
Tyre Tracks Segments Factor: 1.000000
Check for updates (
C:\Users\puter007\Downloads\FS15 MODS\NEWMAPMOD\hagmod15\map\map01.i3d (29671.34 ms)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 12:11

please post the specs of your computers.

Which operating system?
Which gpu?

Please note: a laptop with onboard gpu can't run the GIANTS Editor.

Before you import an object into your mod map export the model from its original map to any folder outside the original map (export all with files).
Now try to open the epxorted object aka the new file.
If this does work it should also be possible to import the object into your new mod map.


Colin Simpkin (Unknown) 19.02.2015 21:02
Apologise for late reply,

With regards to computer specs I thought I had already posted them in previous posting.
the GE logfile, could you please explain what else you require ???

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