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Question about 16x Maps

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Created07.02.2015 03:12

Brandon Hintz (hintzconst) 07.02.2015 03:19
Is there a dimensional limit on the foliage shaders? On the 16x map that I am working on the foliage will paint right up to the border of what would normally be a 4x map but will paint no further. The fruit_density and forestGrass_Density grle's were made from the pngs of the same name which were converted and resized to 16384x16384. The cultivator texture will paint beyond this border and the distance textures work beyond the 4x border, but none of the foliage will show up

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 12:37

please name all files which have been resized.
Did you resize the map01_dem.png, too?

An alternative to resizing all files is to increase the "unitsPerPixel" attribute in the map01.i3d (open with texteditor), but an disadvantage would be loosing precision.


Brandon Hintz (hintzconst) 12.02.2015 04:57
Thank you for responding,

The following files were resized:

asphalt_weight.png 4096x4096
beachSand_weight.png 4096x4096
cobblestone_weight.png 4096x4096
cultivator_density.png 16384x16384
dirt_weight.png 4096x4096
forestGrass_density.png 16384x16384
fruit_density.png 16384x16384
grass_weight.png 4096x4096
gravel_weight.png 4096x4096
infoLayer.png 8192x8192
leaves_weight.png 4096x4096
map01_dem.png 4097x4097
rock_weight.png 4096x4096

If its not an issue that has permanently prevented the creation of maps over 4x I would like to avoid the unit/pixel route of increasing the map size as I would like to maintain the precision that makes farming simulator environments so realistic.

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 06.03.2015 18:00
Another "problem" with x16 maps - which I observed in FS2013, so can't say if it also is so in FS15 - is that the further away from the center your avatar is, the worse the "wave effect" of crops/grass looks.

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