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Reassigning Field Ownership

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Created10.02.2015 03:11

Tim Olah (Unknown) 10.02.2015 03:14
Feel stupid asking this ? but am new and watched tutorial but it doesn't cover this nor a lot of other stuff. Editing a map and want to know how to change a fields ownership. eg Do not what to own field 38 when starting a new game

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 12:41

no reason to worry.
You just need to learn where to keep your eyes on ;)

Check the SUerAttributes of the field (GE -> Window -> UserAttributes)

"ownedByPlayer" is of type "boolean"


Tim Olah (Unknown) 12.02.2015 02:09
Hi Emil,
thanks for the info, can you tell me how to assign ownership to a field not owned by a player please.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.02.2015 14:07

let's see ...

First you open the map.
Next you'll have to expand the TransformGroup "fields".

What you see now is a list of all fields.

To adjust the owner ship you need the "User Attributes Panel".
Open this by clicking in the menu bar on: Window -> User Attributes

Now select the Transforgroup for the field you'ld like to change: e.g. field38

As soon as the corresponding transformgroup is selected you will see its attributes in the "user attributes panel".

If you set the attribute "usedByPlayer" to true (checked box) the field is owned by the player right from the beginning.
If the attribute is not set to true (not checked) ... the field won't by owned ...


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